T stick rating

fashionrevamp, May 28, 6:02am
I am about to move rural where there is no broadband available. Wondering if anyone has used a T-stick in this situation and how they perform?

gibler, May 28, 6:07am

jcdm, May 28, 6:08am
Was in the same position this time last year, T stick worked really well, just so expensive.

suicidemonkey, May 28, 6:11am
Totally depends on where you are. You can check the coverage on the Spark website.

tintop, Oct 9, 3:28pm
Yep - stuck with a Vodafone setup for 5 years.
Had a Vodaphone 'vodem' on the end of a usb cable ( 7m long) up high in a shed., other end was connected to a Netcomm wireless to wifi router.

Data was limited and expensive.
Check Vodapone's new Rural Broadband initiative I think that that it is better, faster, cheaper. .Connections are getting better as the 4G network is extended.

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