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ambo11, Oct 9, 4:00am
Hi all, have Sky, but thinking of cancelling due to constant repeats etc.
Maybe will go to Netflix, but in the meantime will we be able to get any TV at all once Sky is cancelled?
Or do we need to buy some sort of box to plug in to the tv get any reception, even the free channels? Thanks

jon9, Oct 9, 4:04am
Depends if your tv had freeview built in, if so then you'll be fine. If not you'll need a freeview box.

If the tv is less than 4-5 years old it should have freeview

ians2, Oct 9, 4:07am
[quote=ambo11ome sort of box to plug in to the tv get any reception, even the free channels? Thanks[/quote]

Rather depends on your TV, what it is and what sort of aerials you have.

ambo11, Oct 9, 4:16am
Hi, telly is a 50 flat screen LG. no freeview though, and no aerials at all apart from Sky dish. so maybe need to buy an aerial as well. not sure if telly is worth it!

jhan, Oct 9, 5:14am
No, it's not worth it but anyway, sky won't come and take their aerial, it's yours so to speak.

jodi26, Oct 9, 7:20am
I got rid of Sky as there was too much rubbish on it. I prefer to read a good book. After cancelling Sky, they have not requested their Sky box back. Obviously I cannot use it but thinking it's rather peculiar that they have not contacted me regarding this issue.

sparkyz, Sep 15, 8:54pm
Jodi, I thought there was a clause in your Sky contract advising that you had to return the box within a certain time after cancelling, or you could be charged a fee.

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