Cell ph warranties

hyborn, Mar 24, 8:45pm
A question for you all that know something about warranties - I took in my ph to the store I brought it from has a 2year warranty only 1 1/2 yr old so still under it. charger part not working - they sent to the repair which is for the service provider Im with they want to charge me to get it fixed . ! they say my fault. I rung the manufacturer to be told they couldnt now look at the ph as it had been looked at by another company - so be aware you may have a warranty but not worth the paper its on! Am so cross trying to fight it but dont feel like im getting anywhere. Any ideas anyone.

mazdasix, Mar 24, 9:04pm
Call Consumer Advice and get their thoughts. They're very helpful and will let you know what you can do.


hyborn, Mar 24, 11:35pm
Thank you for that have made the call and got some more information for my fight! Will be interesting to see how this goes

_drdee_, Mar 25, 1:59am
Warranty does not cover user damage.
Ask them to provide proof that it was your damage (I assume the charging port is broken on the phone?). if they can show physical damage then you don't really have a case, if they cannot prove it is physical damage then you should be covered.

hakatere1, Mar 25, 4:31pm
Disputes tribunal, or the threat of it, will more often than not make an about face. Cheap too.

_drdee_, Mar 26, 1:34am
Still won't help if its user damage.

mattnzw, Mar 26, 5:17am
What was the fault? I have had the wires at the junction of the plug of chargers fail in the past, which is where the wire bends sharply. But the goods must be durable.

hyborn, Mar 26, 7:47am
Yes it is tricky - it started off as it didnt seem to want to charge when plugged in - I had to jiggle the charger to get it to work, I had to do this for 3 weeks before being able to travel the 1 1/2 to get to town to sort it out so in that time it got worse. Am still working on the situation. We all know charging ports are a pain but i am the only one that plugs it in and Im little fussy on how it is done so am sure its not something I did, but of course wriggling the charger hasnt helped it

pico42, Mar 26, 8:23pm
Whether it is a warranty claim or a CGA claim, the key thing is what is actually wrong with the unit. You obviously disagree with the assessment that it is your fault, what is it about the fault that makes the store say this?

family007, Apr 16, 9:52pm
Are you sure you didn't accidentally damage the charger part by putting the plug in upside down or, jamming it in hard and then wiggling it? It could very well have been the plug on the charger itself that had been the problem all along. My charger failed, the plug was loose as.Phone would not charge. Bought a new charger. Solved.
The manufacturer isn't liable for repairs as the store has used someone else for repairs and assessment so that warranty is now void. Store warranty applies now.

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