AVAST problems

ctnz, Feb 8, 5:47am
Is anyone else having issues with AVAST Free, just recently its throwing up harmful webpage alerts for practically everything, FB, Stuff, Trademe, my work email site. really f-ing annoying run virus scans and used malwarebytes, nothing.

king1, Feb 8, 6:18am
The browser addon seems to be rather intrusive, had issues with it blocking legitimate functions on some installs. perhaps try disabling it.

ctnz, Feb 8, 6:26am
its been disabled for a while, its a pity I have been loyal to AVAST for a while but I am now considering ditching it

joanie04, Sep 4, 10:58pm
I upgraded my AVAST free version recently and I currently have a microsoft update that just won't complete updating. Could AVAST be my culprit? Running windows 8.1.

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