Is MSE enough?

onefield1, Mar 27, 7:35pm
My new computer has Microsoft Security Essentials installed. Is that enough or should I install another antivirus programme as well?

black-heart, Mar 27, 8:05pm
yes its enough. theres no such thing as 100% protection.

r.g.nixon, Mar 27, 8:19pm
MSE is about 92% effective. Other free ones are 98-99% effective.

onefield1, Mar 27, 9:11pm
So if I choose a more effective one, should I disinstall the MSE or have both?

hakatere1, Mar 27, 9:24pm
No. Stick with one. MSE is ok.

Or here.

hakatere1, Mar 28, 3:50pm
But yes, in case of any confusion, you are correct, you should never run two anti virus together.

onefield1, Apr 13, 3:00am
Ha ha, no this little old lady doesn't frequent those places.
*still chuckling*

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