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brummoi, Dec 28, 1:42am
Looking for a decent TV about 42" and wondering if anyone has spotted anything good in the sales? Not looking to spend a lot but would prefer internet connectivity so can watch YT etc. Here's an LG one from Harvey Norman.


suicidemonkey, Dec 28, 1:47am
That's a great choice because it uses WebOS which is by far the only decent smart TV interface

brummoi, Dec 28, 4:54am
Shame it's feet won't fit on my existing unit but there again that's an ugly old thing and due for a change anyway so win-win

ryanm2, Dec 28, 8:09am
The issue still with Smart TV's in this country is that Samsung have the rights to TVNZ and TV3 on demand content. So I would be buying a Samsung over anything else because of this.

ryanm2, Dec 28, 8:13am

suicidemonkey, Dec 28, 8:41am
Or buy a Chromecast. I have a Samsung "Smart TV" and the UI is terrible. LG's Web OS is brilliant.

brummoi, Dec 28, 9:26am
I've already got a chromecast. Are there advantages other than not having to use an ipad or similar with a smart TV?

suicidemonkey, Dec 28, 9:33am
The main advantage is not needing to use an external device.

lythande1, Dec 28, 6:00pm
Noel Leeming

LG 43" Full High Definition LED 43LF5100


brummoi, Dec 28, 9:22pm
thanks for the suggestion. It only seems to have 1 hdmi slot which is less than I need so I might stump up the extra hundy and get the smart TV linked in my OP

ryanm2, Dec 29, 5:41am
Chromecast aint gonna do squat without another device to cast from. Most people want less clutter in their lives.

ryanm2, Dec 29, 5:43am

vtecintegra, Dec 29, 5:48am
Most people already have a device that will work already, and it's a far, far better experience than most smart TVs

ryanm2, Dec 29, 6:14am
They do - but most people just want to turn on the TV and watch it without having to sync their laptop or whatever.

vtecintegra, Dec 29, 6:18am
If you want to use any of the smart functions you're going to get frustrated with the bundled remote and whip out your phone anyway - even something as basic as the Netflix app is almost unusable on its own.

BTW check how long that WebOS TV takes to switch on - the older ones took ages which can be an annoyance

pestri, Dec 29, 8:11am
Sony Android. Tad expensive but built in Netflix, and a wide range of apps.
Can cast direct to TV from your Android phone or similar, runs Wifi cleanly has 4x HDMI ports.

cameragod, Dec 29, 8:36am
Just bought that one. Very happy. NL had sold out so I took a photo of the price on my phone and took it to JB HiFi and said "will you match it?" They did. I needed something straight forward so everyone in the family can use it without calling me any time they want to do something and the Samsung delivers simplicity for a good price :)

suicidemonkey, Dec 29, 8:52am
The newer one is great. Switches on quickly, uses proper multitasking for switching between apps, apps stay open when you close/open the UI. Magic remote is great too - acts like the Nintendo Wii remote. Very handy.

digmen1, Dec 29, 8:36pm
Would it not pay to look for a tv with Freeview Plus built in.

I think Tv's with just Freeview will be sold off quickly to make way for Freeview Plus ones.

brummoi, Dec 29, 10:31pm
The 40" Samsung will fit better than the LG in my lounge and Farmers are also selling it for $699. Only difference is that the Farmers model is listed as UA40J5500 as opposed to UA40J5500AS and Google isn't helping me to pin down what the AS suffix means - any thoughts?

spyware, Dec 29, 10:40pm
They are both the exact same model.

billyfieldman, Dec 29, 10:50pm
Chromecast is awesome. Receive a lot of youtube links from friends via Whatsapp. Just need to cast directly from phone to the TV to share. No need to type the link into smart TV.

rz_zone, Dec 29, 10:56pm
You can pair phone or tablet with youtube app and cast it on a smart tv.

nzoomed, Dec 29, 11:26pm
Looks like there will be alot of competing SmartTV platforms.

Ive always liked the samsung ones myself, but open source is ideal, so we may see some significant competition between androidTV and webOS.

digmen1, Dec 30, 4:57am
Yes things are really hotting up in this space.

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