Please some one help! When I'm browsing on TM all

good, until I wish to ("view full size photo's) Then I can't go back to the original listing! If I hold mouse over "back" arrow and then do a hold on click I can perhaps get back to listings, but only if I haven't viewed to many photo's! Which is now becoming a real pain in the arse! Not sure if it has anything to do with a similar problem on google. search a site, try to 'click' onto that site. NAh. has a think. nah sometimes only 2 clicks, sometimes, I just give up. Using a Toshiba satellite running W8.1. PS add a googled site to favourite's then no probs. please help

geek_dellboy2, Feb 14, 5:23 am

wireless mouse?

geek_skin1235, Feb 14, 5:25 am

Oh yes whoops, well spotted, my deliberate mistake, and few to many drinks perhaps! . Yes wireless mouse.

geek_dellboy2, Feb 14, 7:47 am

and you've fitted new batteries when?

geek_skin1235, Feb 14, 8:21 am

today no doubt?

geek_skin1235, Feb 14, 8:22 am

30 seconds ago. and as expected, no change!

geek_dellboy2, Feb 14, 8:28 am

. and it still behaves the same, if I unplug the mouse receiver and use the built in mouse/buttons. Just a note, with the TM problem, if I left click and hold over 'back' arrow, I get a list of The laptop never used to do this, it just started a few months ago, I've just been living with it. But is a real pain. Cheers

geek_dellboy2, Feb 14, 8:39 am

okay, so what browser are you using
have you tried another fresh installed one, even something like opera perhaps, it maybe slower than you expect but will show if the problem is browser related or your computer related

just deleting your current and re-installing it may not be enough - unless you use something like revo to fully remove all traces - on firefox even a reset doesn't always remove issues, similar with chrome - I don't use IE so cannot comment on that, Revo tends to rip the guts out of most reg entries and allow a clean install ,

geek_skin1235, Feb 14, 10:22 am

do you also have windows update allowed
theres been a few issues with some of their recent ones

a note, if you do decide to rip the browser out, before you do make a backup of your favorites and your bookmarks at least, no nasties will travel with the backup ( although if you copped a nasty from a site and you later revisit that site you could get another dose)

make sure you save that backup to say a new folder you create, by default most of the browsers backup to their own folders, and revo will rip that right out in its process of cleaning up all remnants

geek_skin1235, Feb 14, 10:23 am

On win8.1, there is no reason to use anything else other than IE11, It's the fastest, most efficient browser to use. Why would you corrupt your system installing anything else?

geek_d.snell, Feb 14, 10:45 pm

Compatibility problems, no sync to other (non-Windows) devices, problems with font rendering.

Also 'fastest' is debatable - it depends on exactly what you are using it for.

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 11, 3:58 am

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