Faulty graphics card?

nzoomed, Nov 21, 9:59pm
Really weird problem.
Ive got a computer I built that is only 6 months old, about two months ago, the screen started flashing black and going to a low res, the sound you get on the speakers when new hardware is detected or a USB device is connected would play and then the resolution would go back to normal.

I thought at first that windows was reinstalling or updating the drivers, but its been getting worse and worse, doing it almost every 15 mins.

Anyway, I uninstalled the old drivers and reinstalled with the latest drivers, made no difference, so i switched to the onboard graphics and everything was sweet.

I did an RMA on the video card and they replaced it.
So i reinstalled the new card and same problem. Its an ASUS NVIDIA EN210.

Ill be interested to know if others have had same issues. I can only assume its a faulty motherboard or at least a bad PCI express slot?

I will try another video card of another make to see how it goes.

intrade, Nov 21, 10:11pm
i built my pc and moved the hdd over but bcause nvidia was on it i had to install the old nvidia card to this new machine . Right after a while it did play up so i shut it down but i had not removed the grafix card driver so needed to make it work again. I looked at the card it had a verry thin film of dust almost like a caked on layer on the circuit board.
So i went and scrubbed that off with my tooth brush lol.
then reinstalled the card and it worked fine again. Then i quiackly uninstalled nvidia so it would use intel hd onboard grafix and would boot to that without nvidia , The card might still be fine or it might not be it is from 2006 gt220 nvidia whom did this, and i am saving money for a gt 960 or 70 now but dont looks to good money dont grows on trees as you know.

stevel_knievel, Nov 21, 10:13pm
I had a similar problem connecting to the monitor via VGA cable with an DVI to VGA adapter. Swapped the adapter for another one I had and went good.

intrade, Nov 21, 10:17pm
Also what i found and i am sure there is some whom disagree with me but i am sure i am correct on this fact . you do not want a cheap powersupply on any machine my psu on this machine was 350$ because if it supplys fluctuating power to things or dirty power as its also called then you can nuke your expensive components. I learned this from dave johnes i think his name from the eevblog He is a professional electronics youtube blogger showing how things work and he talks about one-hung-low products and how capacitors fail . He shows why other people are full of crap and proofs it to you like solar roadways bull. he has a video on that .

nzoomed, Nov 21, 10:19pm
Im just using a standard VGA cable to the monitor, no DVI adapters are being used.

I wonder if i should try the DVI port on it?

Im unsure if its a fault with the monitor, I do know you can get the USB sound when connecting a monitor. I thought it may have been a dirty connection on the PCI express slot, either on the card, or motherboard slot itself, i cleaned the contacts and made no scrap of difference. Its alot harder to clean a PCI express slot though.

As for power supplies, I dont use crappy ones. Im using a fairly good quality Antec power supply. Never had any issues with these.
Its only a low end card anyway, it does not use a PCI-e power connector.

intrade, Nov 21, 10:25pm
yup antec platinum here . 94% efficient is what i purchased , so you can rule that as your problem almost fully out .

intrade, Nov 21, 10:29pm
try the monitor on another machine , is what i would do and all other inputs . i have a cmv here i am going to fix i am sure its a bad capacitor or 2 on the one hung low power supply they fitted to it when i find some time .

nzoomed, Nov 21, 10:51pm
Oh, and speaking of the monitor, when the VGA plug touches the computer chassis, it makes a tiny spark, I noticed this when connecting it. But i have seen this before with monitors.

I think its worth a shot to change the monitor.

schizoid, Nov 21, 11:46pm
If the onboard works, why are you using a GT 210? Thats about as low end as graphics cards come. And it definitely wont be power supply, those things will only add about 30 watts max to the total power draw.

vtecintegra, Nov 22, 12:08am
This - any computer that is six months old will have superior integrated graphics anyway

nzoomed, Nov 22, 1:26am
Only reason is because i dont like shared memory, its got to be better than the onboard graphics anyway.

schizoid, Nov 22, 1:39am
I'm going to assume your gear is pretty old then. That spark does sound dodgy. Hopefully it's just a faulty cable or port at worst.

nzoomed, Nov 22, 4:55am
Not really that old, its a samsung monitor only around 12 months old, the computer is around 6 months old, its an intel i5.
Just a basic workstation.

The monitor does not have a mains earth, just a 2 pin power adapter connecting it to the wall.

vtecintegra, Nov 22, 6:11am
A six month old i5 is going to have much an iGPU much better than an ancient 210 (which was slow when it was released in 2009 let alone now)

lugee, Nov 22, 1:31pm
Ditch the 210. The i5's integrated graphics will crap all over it.

nzoomed, Nov 22, 9:43pm
As i said, i dont want shared memory, didnt think a 210 was that old, they are still selling them, i just put in a basic video card to allow all the system memory to be used. Maybe the integrated graphics is slightly better, but the benchmarks looked better.

Anyway, im not doing graphic intensive work on the computer, but like lots of memory for multiple applications running.
Will try another monitor next week, because at the end of the day, this is what im trying to address.

vtecintegra, Nov 22, 10:21pm
You'd be far better off just adding more system memory

And yes the GT 210 is ancient (six years now) and very, very slow - the iGPU will be multiple times faster, not just a little

olack, Nov 22, 10:24pm
It is crazy that USB cable connectors seem to always give off a tiny little blue spark when I connect a USB connector, usually a USB memory stick that I have noticed, to whichever current desktop PC I am using in my flat. Every PC is grounded through the PSU earth pin . isnt' it always? I also have a power problem in my flat that will cut the power when a light switch is switched and when I connect a device like a USB stick or USB cable for a printer to my desktop PC. It aint the PC it is the flat power that is connected incorrectly that is causing this. s-
orry - what was the topic. ? Ah yes, I don't think the problem that is specific to this flat is the problem that causes the USB connectors to give off the blue spark. Quite a worry seeing that spark really. but a VGA cable connector. man something has to be done!

nzoomed, Nov 22, 10:50pm
makes me think the screen is the issue, i will find another monitor to see if i have the same problem, or else it might be a bad earth perhaps?

king1, Nov 22, 10:54pm
i've seen an otherwise working fine screen cause BSOD in windows, soon as it was replaced no more BSOD. My money is on the screen.

nzoomed, May 31, 11:01pm
Well ive never seen this happen before, but i suspect that the onboard graphics may be more tolerant to the faulty monitor, i will give an update next week when i try another monitor.

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