How to get rid of CloudScout pop-up ads please

I have just installed \chrome on a new Windows 8.1 desktop and now I have pop-up ads and lots of single words everywhere are highlighted in uppercase green character. I am presuming this came along with the Chrome or maybe the MS Office Outlook 2013 which I did at the same time. I have been on google but there seem so many options to fix this unwanted software but how do I know which to use or trust.

geek_g14us, Jun 16, 1:03 pm

start here I would suggest you probably got it from clicking on an advert link for chrome which is bundled with dodgy crap. You should always download from the legitimate website ie

geek_king1, Jun 16, 2:41 pm

Many, many thanks. I am so grateful. I had seen that on google but wasn't game to try it without recommendation. I thought I had been careful and downloaded Chrome from the true site but it seems not.

geek_g14us, Aug 15, 10:57 am

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