Samsung S3 Notifications

jynx66, Apr 19, 9:20pm
I had a notification on my Smartphone this morning telling me there were 10 updates. I forgot to turn on wi-fi before tapping the notifications and was reminded to do so. Turned it on and went back to where the notifications are and they'd all disappeared. I've searched and searched my phone but can't find anywhere to recall the updates to download. I've turned the phone off then turned on again, but they haven't reappeared.
Anyone know where I can find them, please?

datoofairy, Apr 19, 9:29pm
Where they system updates or app updates. Just go into the settings and manually check for updates.

jynx66, Apr 19, 10:06pm
App updates. I've searched sttings but can't find Updates. Can you point me in the right direction, please?

mikep, Apr 19, 11:36pm
Go into Google Play -> My Apps and they will be there waiting for you. Just hit Update All.

crab2, Apr 19, 11:40pm
connect to you computer and update that way, you can also back up your stuff on the phone

jynx66, Apr 20, 12:22am
Thank you, everyone, I'll give your suggestions a try.

rua69, Feb 3, 4:04am
I never update everything willy nilly. Always check the changelogs and reviews first and update as required.

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