Will my computer speed up if I remove lots of pics

jenniebee, Apr 16, 11:12pm
I've filled up all but 1GB of my PC with mainly photos and it's running super slow. If I save those onto an external hard drive and delete them (which will free up about 40g of the 75g my computer has) will that make this damn dinosaur go any faster? Or is there anything else I can do to speed up it's responses?

russell.s.c, Apr 16, 11:16pm
I'm surprised it hasn't ground to a complete stop. Definitely, move the pics to another drive or external storage. How old is your pc and what operating system do you have?

jenniebee, Apr 16, 11:21pm
Not sure on age as I bought it 2nd hand. I'm guessing at least 5-10years. It uses windows 7.

king1, Apr 16, 11:24pm
might make some difference but it doesn't affect it to a huge extent.

Plus it helps to define exactly what part is going slow ie startup time, opening programs, loading webpage, opening browser, etc etc

jenniebee, Apr 16, 11:29pm
Everything is going slow. Opening programs and web pages, changing between pages or applications, even sometimes typing I have to wait a few seconds after each word. The whole thing. But especially opening photos and folders so that's why I wondered if its just overloaded with pics.

russell.s.c, Apr 16, 11:47pm
You could try the free version of Ccleaner you may be surprised at what it may find. Time I ran it again myself actually.


cookee_nz, Apr 16, 11:59pm
Down to 1Gb free space will make quite a difference, there is probably a LOT of Hard Disk activity going on (you'll either hear it or see the LED blinking furiously). The windows 'swap file' (virtual ram on the hdd) will be doing it's best to make use of the memory it has available and I've known XP PC's to be down to just a few Mb left and still going - slowly, but still going and Win7 ais just as good at managing memory. So yes, moving those PIC's off will help, and will give you a back up, but ccleaner as suggested also worth running.

nice_lady, Apr 17, 12:11am
Moving the pics off the computer and onto a single external hard drive is not any kind of backup

woagan, Apr 17, 12:26am
When did you last clean the internal of your PC. if it's dusty in there that will not be helping , your processor may be overheating and not working to its full potential.

josie12, Apr 17, 4:41am
How about trying DEFRAG, that sometimes makes a difference.

don1751, Apr 17, 4:54am
I found "disc cleanup", part of windows 7 accessories improved my speed quite dramatically.

suicidemonkey, Apr 17, 5:00am
1) Move some files to an external device (but make sure important data is backed up in more than 1 location). 1GB of free space isn't enough.

2) Run Ccleaner

3) Do a defrag. It's important to do this last.

skyblue17, Apr 17, 6:28am
Defrag on Win 7.?

r.g.nixon, Apr 17, 6:33am
Yes, but don't do it on your SSD (if you have one).

lythande1, Apr 17, 6:38am
As you say you have 1GB left.
It's pretty full but not enough to affect the swap file.
More like it's Windows bloat and/or malware.

skyblue17, Apr 17, 6:57am
Yeah my mistake. Too used to SSD.

ntalke, Feb 9, 8:04pm
If your comp is 5/10 years old and a 75GB hard Drive you will find it had originally Windows XP on it a long with 256 MB of ram or something like that and someone stuck on Windows 7 that is probably not legit as well

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