Webpage redirecter

dawn1, Apr 26, 6:54am
Every time I go to a new webpage - like to read an article on stuff, or to look at this message board it more often than not will redirect to another site - usually a casino page or something similar. I put Avast on a few months ago and it fixed the problem, but on thursday it ran out and I did the free update it suggested, and now I'm having the same redirect problems. Any suggestions on how to get this fixed for good? Also my computer seems really slow to load webpages this weekend.

kieran211, Apr 26, 7:25am
try malwarebytes

dawn1, Apr 26, 11:05pm
Still getting redirected

wayne416, Apr 26, 11:24pm
So your still running Avast?

king1, Apr 27, 2:25am

dawn1, Jan 9, 8:02pm
Cool - I think that's fixed it. Haven't had any more redirects so far. :D

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