Restore Vista from Recovery parition after W10

I bought a PC with Windows Vista installed but the guy tells me when he delivers it is has a trial of Windows 10 installed. Windows 10 is not working very well at all. The web browser does not work properly with email logons and so on and other problems. The recovery partition is intact but the F11 Recovery option from boot is not working. When I open the recovery partition it appears empty but the PC shows it has something like 9GB of data on it. Can I recover Vista using the recovery partition somehow?
Um. I just got to see the contents of the recovery Partition now by changing system view settings and can see Boot files and all sorts. So looks like the whole recovery partition is intact.

geek_olack, Jun 28, 1:43 pm

basically, take the hdd out and on another pc set the recovery partition as the 'active' partition using a partitioning tool such as partition magic home edition/acronis etc. Live CDs are available also.

Then it should boot automatically off the recovery partition.

at some point after the recovery you may need to set the active partition back to the windows boot partition

geek_king1, Jun 28, 2:27 pm

ok, I can try that, thank you king1.

geek_olack, Jun 28, 2:34 pm

I am letting vista scan the hard disk in another pc.and the vista pc has not identified the hard drive. I suppose it will identify the hard drive when the hdd activity has stopped. I have no idea why the pc is scanning it at all.

geek_olack, Jun 28, 4:00 pm

Thank you again, The PC is recovering from the recovery partition now. I hope it finishes properly. Will post back.

geek_olack, Jun 28, 4:48 pm

Why remove the hd, you can simply change the boot flag in the partition table from within windows using a hex editor. I use HxD.

geek_ross1970, Jun 29, 12:28 am

I might try HxD next time. I always have liked the idea of manufacturers restore partitions in used computers I get to repair. I can do it.

geek_olack, Jun 30, 3:25 am

at the time I'm usually taking an image of the hard drive as well.

geek_king1, Jul 10, 3:18 am

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