Ipad error - Please help

My Ipad froze and now has a picture of the ITunes logo and the connector cord on it. I tried to restore it via ITunes but I got an error message which said 'The Ipad could not be restored - an unknown error occurred (11)'.
Does anyone know what I can do to fix it. I am completely useless when it comes to this kinda stuff so I am soooo lost. I have tried to google it but need someone to tell me in english

geek_1olivia1, May 15, 12:24 pm

got that too, hope u find the answer.

geek_morganna, May 15, 1:45 pm


"To reset, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo."

geek_suicidemonkey, May 15, 2:03 pm

Thankfully I got it working after a whole heap of swearing and tinkering. Thanks for both of your replies.

geek_1olivia1, Nov 22, 10:19 pm

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