Ethernet driver

Anybody help me ?, trying to find the ethernet driver for this computer

much appreciated if you can


geek_fxx99, Feb 16, 9:48 pm

geek_gibler, Feb 16, 10:04 pm

No that doesn't work

geek_fxx99, Feb 16, 10:39 pm

are you downloading the correct one for the OS?

geek_schizoid, Feb 16, 11:00 pm

Yup, what OS have you installed? It states that it doesn't come with one so you would have had to install your own.

geek_lostdude, Feb 16, 11:08 pm

xp professional 32 bit and yes am downloading the correct ones but nothing is working

geek_fxx99, Feb 17, 7:21 am

are you sure its actually installing and not just downloading/extracting?

Have a look in

as per instructions

geek_king1, Aug 5, 10:12 pm

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