HELP please gurus

Just went into my bank to make a payment & found my customer No & password was already there. Never happened before. Only thing that's different is I've just uninstalled IE & installed Google Chrome.
I did not make the payment & a bit worried now.

geek_leeran, Jun 15, 6:58 pm

Dont worry, Chrome or IE must have ask you in the past, if you want the computer to remember your userid and password.

If you are worried, goto Chrome->setting->goto the bottom, click on show advanced setting, goto Passwords and Form, uncheck the two boxes

geek_ang_ck, Jun 15, 7:08 pm

when you last logged in you were in chrome, and it asked you if you wanted to remember the login and password, you clicked yes, so it saved them

it is internal to your own computer only

yes it is not good practice to leave it as such

yes it is easy to undo
I just have to fire up chrome and find where the tick is that you untick
I'll try to get back to you before anyone else answers, lol

geek_skin1235, Jun 15, 7:11 pm

that will untick all saved logins, including TM etc, there is a a way to select which ones you want to discard, and which ones you want to save

geek_skin1235, Jun 15, 7:12 pm

if you want another reason to not use remembered passwords.

right click the password dots -> inspect element
change the type='password' -> type='text'

geek_king1, Jun 15, 7:13 pm

click on manage passwords, leave the forms ticked
your saved passwords will show, untick the desired bank one

yeah I know, chrome is so good it doesn't even have an obvious way to find 'settings', the 3 small horizontal bars way up on the right will show it though, click on 'settings', scroll down click on 'show advanced'

geek_skin1235, Jun 15, 7:32 pm

Thanks. Yes GC did ask me if I wanted them remembered & I said yes but it was at the start of TM so I thought it wld be TM only. Don't think having customer # & pw already in my bank's login is a good idea.

geek_leeran, Jun 15, 8:08 pm

if you go to as above you can select just your bank to be not shown, trademe will still login automatically, you have to select your bank and click do not remember, if you just untick remember all you'll have to log back into tm everytime you open the browser

geek_skin1235, Jun 15, 8:14 pm

first time it happened to me I damn near . myself, actually rang the bank, thinking it was on their end, a very nice lady showed me it was on my end, and how to disable it

geek_skin1235, Aug 17, 11:24 pm

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