kiwiscrapper1, May 16, 6:42am
Is taking for ever to charge, I have been told it probably needs a new battery? Any other ideas please

gammelvind, May 16, 6:44am
Mine was doing that as well, bought a new genuine cable, back to normal.

rz_zone, May 16, 6:57am
How old is the iPad?

showmethemanoey, May 16, 7:03am
Surge protectors sometimes severely extend charging times

chuckie30, May 16, 7:10am
Go check apples website, support.
Recently been having unexpected shutdowns with iphone, looked it up on their support page, they sent en email to be opened on the device, in the email was a diagnostic test, which showed my battery needed replacing. They've sent me the packaging and courier bags to send it to them to be done. No cost to me.

suicidemonkey, May 16, 7:43am
Only if you're buying them from the 10 cent shop. Charge speed is dictated by amps (both how much the device can draw, and how much the charger or power board can provide).

Any decent surge protector will happily spit out enough amps to charge numerous devices at the regular rate.

kiwiscrapper1, May 17, 12:35am
Its about 6 years old, its been slow since installing fibre broadband which is useless and slower than before! Ive deleted loads of messages apps games, gets to 80% and seems to stop, had on flight modes as someone suggested no different, off to the States tomorrow and have been warned to make sure there is enough charge so customs can check if necessary. Maybe it is the cord will check the ipad shop in the states thanks.

vtecintegra, Nov 15, 7:58pm
It can't be more than 5 years old (as that is when they were first released)

Anyway yes a first gen iPad isn't going to be usable any more - technology moves on and that is far overdue for replacement

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