Trouble sending emails

I'm on holiday in a camping ground and I am connected to their wifi for 24 hrs. Trouble is that emails won't send. they just go in to Outbox and stay there. I made it into a document and tried that way but no luck
Any simple suggestions?

geek_scha, Feb 19, 4:24 pm

Go online to you web mail account and do it there otherwise you have to change settings within your client you use.

geek_wayne416, Feb 19, 4:35 pm

Thanks. Problem solved. The email has gone through webmail

geek_scha, Feb 19, 4:41 pm

Second simple suggestion is to use an smtp server configuration in email client that includes authentication. Given you don't bother mentioning what your smtp server settings actually are we can't help any further.

geek_spyware, Feb 19, 7:54 pm

Good thing it's sorted then! lol Remember some people wouldn't even know what smtp server settings are, no point telling them off for not supplying them.

geek_soodanim, Jul 28, 9:12 am

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