Convert adobe to word

rungrung, Mar 11, 7:14am
Is there a way to do this? I have a whole lot of documents shared with me in Adobe but really want them in word.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 7:37am
1. Ask the sender to redo them as .doc/.docx
2. Convert them (assume they have proper text.
3. OCR them if they are images only.
4. Retype them.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 8:10am is worth a try . but there will be others like it.

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 11, 9:07am
Acrobat Pro and probably Standard can do this. Not free or even close to it mind you.

cj_s, Mar 11, 9:10am
I always use Nitro Cloud. Just delete every document after converting because it allows only 5 documents to be stored when you use the free converter.

andrew.t, Mar 12, 6:56am
plenty of free sites on the net do it

mcdaff, Mar 13, 12:52am is easy to use.

acrobat, Mar 14, 1:11am
In case you're doing it for any print work don't. Keep it in Acrobat. Adobe Pdfs are the preferred print file format nowadays. We advise our customers not to use word if possible, it's such a dog to handle any files from it. Acrobat can easily export/ save down to Word if you wish to go down that path.

rogerk1, Mar 14, 2:02am
I have a similar problem - c.1,200 pages. Need to get into word for editing and correcting errors. It is a family history. Have asked here before, but not found anything satisfactory or reasonably priced.

andrew.t, May 20, 4:26am
If you have pages in bulk then you really will have to pay for an application like adobe acrobat

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