How can I block the internet from the family PC

bonnie1970, Mar 11, 4:33am
. as in putting a password? on so it cannot be connected by a child who has no self control? TIA

mr-word, Mar 11, 4:38am
Disable the Ethernet Contoller (Lan Port) in the bios or take out the ethernet card.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 4:39am
That is a semi-permanent block of everyone - probably not what they wanted.

rz_zone, Mar 11, 4:40am
Some modem/routers have internet access restrictions in settings.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 4:43am
This looks worth a try. As long as no one finds it and disables it.

king1, Mar 11, 4:43am

bonnie1970, Mar 11, 4:44am
It's running on wireless so no ethernet cable, and I don't care if it disables it for everyone

wayne416, Mar 11, 4:49am
Install Comodo firewall, set to block all with password. Simple to unblock if you know password while you use it.

bonnie1970, Mar 11, 4:55am
This sounds maybe the best thing to do thanks. Do you have a link please?

morticia, Mar 11, 4:56am
If she only uses one wireless device, lock it out via its MAC address in your router filter options, either block completely or set time limits that it can have access. You just have to turn it on or off in the admin page with password in your browser.

wayne416, Mar 11, 5:01am
Download this and when you install do a CUSTOM install as all you want is the firewall.

mr-word, Mar 11, 5:04am
Disable the Wireless adapter in networking or you can block internet browsers in the windows inbuilt firewall no need to get comodo.

rz_zone, Mar 11, 5:05am
Before installing anything.
What modem is it?

wayne416, Mar 11, 5:15am
Comodo is a lot easier, just right click icon-firewall- block all and password comes up. To unblock just the same- safe mode-password. Blocks the whole thing on any internet connection but can still use it.

skin1235, Mar 11, 6:33am
orhhhh heres a thought, reach up by the modem, grab the cord, and pull it out of the power socket, tuck it in your pocket and leave the room

bonnie1970, Mar 11, 6:36pm
My other child uses the net for gaming and I use it on my Lap top so don't want to do that to the rest of us just don't care if that PC is off line to everyone. Mainly said teenager who uses it.

bonnie1970, Mar 11, 6:37pm
My modem is a "Net gear" brand. Where do I go to on the computer to get into the setttings please? I really am hopeless when it comes to technology.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 7:21pm
You need to find the gateway IP address & put it in your browser as a URL.
Type the following into a cmd prompt window:
ipconfig /all

lostdude, Mar 11, 10:14pm
Probably one of these:

Default user / pass is usually admin / admin

morticia, Mar 11, 11:14pm
And my NetGear is

OP the easiest thing is to Google your model number on the unit, find and download the manual for it and use it to learn how to drive your basic gear.

rpvr, Mar 13, 7:49am
It always amazes me that in some families it is thought necessary to contrive ways to stop certain behaviour regarding computers. Just tell the offending teenager not to do it, with consequences if trust is breached. No self control is invariably caused by lack of consequences.

king1, May 25, 9:55am
I've always found that demonstrating your ability to withhold a valued service is in itself a very clear consequence, moreso than a simple threat

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