HP PSC 1210 all in one printer died ~ New Plymouth

hezwez, Jun 12, 7:20am
Appears it's not fond of what looks like a drizzle of pumpkin soup in the buttons. It has been amazing and I'd like to have it repaired or replaced. It turns on briefly after being turned on at the wall, but makes a clicking grinding sound. Last person to use it said it had a paper jam which he'd thought he'd cleared. Can anyone suggest a firm in New Plymouth who'd take a look at it? TIA.

ianab, Jun 12, 7:57am
Say a few kind words and give it a decent burial as thanks for it's years of long service.

Replacement HP multifunctions start at $59 at Warehouse Stationary. So it's not worth taking the covers off to try and work out what's wrong.

hezwez, Jun 12, 11:41pm
Thanks ianab, I'll take that good advice.

nadznz, Jun 13, 6:01am
I bought a HP Multifunction wi fi printer from Warehouse Stationery for $29 the other day. We don't print a lot but for what we do it is perfect. Works great from laptop, phone and iPad.

ang_ck, Jun 13, 8:53am
Dont buy a printer just because it is cheap. HP1210 uses the HP56 ink cartridge and that cartridge holds quite a bit of ink compared to the newer ones.

When are you shopping for a new printer, ask the shop assistant the price for an ink cartridges and how much ink do it carry.

ianab, Jun 13, 8:58am
True. If you are doing a lot of printing it's certainly worth paying a bit more for a heavier duty printer with the bigger ink cartridges. But even then you are still talking about less $$ than getting the old one looked at.

hezwez, Jun 13, 10:15am
We have an unopened HP 56 cartridge. To get one using the same would be a bonus, thanks all.

black-heart, Jun 13, 10:50am
Theres a promotion on canon multifunctions with big ink tanks, at the moment MB2000 and MB500 range.

sqidlie, Jun 13, 12:22pm
Easie pessie DIY

Here is the tool kit you need

Just 1 X Tork screw driver ( T10 from memory)

4 screws in the top and it lifts off
Take care of the ribbon cables as you lift it off

About a 30 minute job to strip down the key pad and re assemble the printer again
Check all the rollers while its open for paper fragments as well

pestri, Jun 15, 8:03am
Can I put an HP Photo Smart 5520(?) up for Auction at a $5 start for you? Condition unknown believed good, but surplus to my requirements?

hezwez, Jun 22, 10:58am
Hi, update to you all on the printer, which we discovered worked if you disconnected the power supply then plugged it back in, at the back of the printer. We thought yay! No biggie then. But it worked once. Now when we try to repeat that there's a big clunking series of sounds like the cartridge is zipping back and forth. Thanks for the kind offer pestri but I'd prefer to get a printer that takes the 56 ink cartridge since we have a brand new one.

suicidemonkey, Jun 22, 11:10am
You won't find a new printer that takes that cartridge.

hezwez, Jun 22, 11:16am
Ahhhh ok. Perhaps second hand?

sprinter51, Jun 24, 2:45am
Where are we at now?


The HP C1350 uses 57 series carts and has a card reader at the front as well

Do you have contacts in Auckland that you can ship the old one to ?
These printers are so easy to work on and repair
Note: I have both models fully working that can be used to repair or replace the dud one if needed
But first, have you tried replacing the cartridges ? (even an old set will do )
Strange things happen when carts go faulty

hezwez, Jun 25, 11:32pm
Thanks sprinter51 I wish we lived closer so you could have a look. We can't access the cartridge because as soon as we connect the power supply the cart races back and forth with a thumping sound, with enough force to shift the printer. Time to bite the bullet.

sqidlie, Jul 20, 5:13pm
Yep know that sound only too well :-)

Trick #1
Plug the printer via an extension lead
As the carts go on their "dance", unplug the printer. This should by any luck , leave the carts mid way or to the left.
Move the carts by hand to the middle so as you can remover them
Now with the carts removed power the printer back on
With the access door shut, the printer should stay quiet
Open the door and the cart carrier should move to the center without the crashing and banging
Close the door and the cart carrier should move back to the right and park there
Turn the printer off wait 40 sec and turn back on
If it continues to crash and bash even without the carts in Mmmm :-(

$17 by NZpost to ship to Alk and thats one way :-(

Can see that the printer is not worth that these days

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