Connecting laptop to TV using HDMI cable-Windows10

derek.cossey, Oct 1, 9:52pm
Is anyone able to refer me to a step by step guide [guide for dummies] that takes you through connecting laptop to TV using HDMI cable-with Windows10.
Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

suicidemonkey, Oct 1, 10:14pm
Have you tried just plugging it in and changing to the appropriate source on your TV?

wayne416, Oct 1, 10:15pm
What i do, connect hdmi to tv and computer, set tv to hdmi 1 or 2 or whichever port you have used then hit windows key + p and will see at right options.

derek.cossey, Oct 1, 10:36pm
In answer to suicidemonkey Yes. In answer to wayne416 it says reinstall the driver or use a different SD card. It doesn't tell me which driver? When i hit fn and f4 it gives me the same error message.

derek.cossey, Oct 1, 10:39pm
Advanced System Care allows me to update all drivers and i am doing that now.

suicidemonkey, Oct 1, 10:55pm
Please please please don't use automatic driver installers. They cause trouble, and Windows will automatically install most of the drivers you need anyway.

You will not need to install drivers to use HDMI, and SD card has nothing to do with it.

Can you explain exactly what happens when you plug in the cable and set your TV to the correct source?

wayne416, Oct 2, 12:10am
On my computer, win 10, press and hold windows key while pressing p key brings up screen options ie pc only, extend, second screen only etc.

wayne416, Oct 2, 12:14am
Are you sure its an hdmi cable and not a usb cable?

family007, Oct 2, 9:59pm
This is something I do all the time. I just plug the HDMI cable from my laptop to the HDMI port on the tv. Change tv to the right HDMI channel. Make sure to use a hdmi cable and not a USB! NO need to install drivers etc.

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