Limit amplifier max volume?

At work we have a home theatre amp and some speakers. We like to give it a bit of a nudge on the odd friday night and with the consumption of orange juice and lemonade often the volume gets turned up and up and up. Last time one speaker went bang then fell off the stand 2m to the floor, the second one followed behind by about ten minutes.

With some decent speakers coming, Im looking to ensure that this doesn't happen again. I have set the speakers on the amp to all be -15db but in the case that this isn't sufficient what are some other options to limit the volume so that even maxxed out they are not going to damage the speakers?

The amp in question is a modern Pioneer, cant recall the model number currently. The speakers are Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 and SW150 subwoofer. I was thinking possibly an inline signal reducer but there might be other options too.

geek_morrisman1, Aug 15, 5:27 pm

Attach the stands to the speakers with some matching screws - don't use odd screws from the recycle bin.

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 15, 5:51 pm

Ha, yea that'll be a start. It was the woofer blowing apart that shook it off the stand though.

geek_morrisman1, Feb 17, 11:30 am

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