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macman26, Apr 7, 8:14am
Any ideas here?
I have a Oki mb471 MFP and when I want to scan to my PC set up to select profile and scans to a folder on the computer.
Now I changed from a 2Wire modem to a Netcomm and I get a DNS error when I try to scan. I can ping the printer OK and access the interface from the PC. I tried Lynksys router with the same problem happening.
I'm guessing some small setting that I missed.
I've also noticed I can see the printer on the 2wire modem interface but not on the other ones.
Thanks for any help

cookee_nz, Apr 8, 7:29am
If you still have the disc probably easiest and quicker to re-run the installation program for the printer, could save you a lot of mucking around. Otherwise you should be able to download it from OKI.

macman26, Apr 9, 2:02am
Thanks for that. Gave it a go. Still a puzzle. Spoke to OKI and the suggestion was a fixed IP address for the destination computer. I'll give that a go later when I get some more spare time. Fortunately I don't scan too often so just an annoying inconvenience. I may just set it up to scan to email instead.

spyware, Apr 9, 8:10am
Takes two seconds to assign an IP address.

spyware, Apr 9, 8:28am
If you claim its a puzzle then supply more information, if the scanner is to send scans to a computer it has to know the iP address of the PC. If you keep changing routers then the PCs address has surely changed so how could it possibly work unless you change the relevant setting on the scanner, i.e., register the PC with the correct address.

macman26, Apr 9, 10:30am
Yup. took 20 seconds to change IP address to fixed and all access to the internet stopped. After stuffing around found my network seemed OK but no talkie to the world. Later I reset to auto and rebooted PC and modem and came good. By this time was time to get other things done and get to work. While travelling to work saw workmen at the roadside exchange working where I'm fed from. So perhaps a victim of bad timing?
While the IP was fixed still no luck scanning to computer folder. Put 2 wire modem in and works fine. Arrg! I have also tried reserving the IP addresses to the computer via the modem and that assigns OK but still can't scan via the Netcomm modem. Again the Netcomm modem won't see the printer. The 2 wire one does.
I have the IP addresses reserved on the 2 wire modem (and the Netcomm) also for the reason you mentioned Spyware
The printer is set on This was recommended by Oki over a year ago when I set it up.
So much for upgrading.
Computer is running win 7.
I feel it is a setting to do with the modem but I stand to be corrected.
I was hoping someone may of come by a similar issue and found a solution.
I will probably set up the 2 wire modem on my laptop and go through the settings one by one and see if I can spot something when I get time.

spyware, Apr 9, 6:54pm
Solution is simple if you are into detail. Issue relates to the IP address on the PC and the address that the scanner is configured to point to. You don't even mention this detail.

The fact that you lost the Internet when you changed the IP address to static means you likely don't have the slightest clue as to what you are doing. As to what address your printer had a year ago is totally irrelevant. If you change routers then the subnet may also change (you don't mention this detail either), in which case its normal behaviour for a device on one subnet not to talk to a device on another as they can NOT see each other. If you want to talk between subnets then you use a router (the toy routers you have are not doing any routing on LAN interface, only between Internet and LAN).

spyware, Apr 9, 6:57pm
So, tell us what subnet the router is on, what IP address the printer has, what IP address (static or dynamic) the PC has and what IP address is the PC registered with on the scanner (this is the setting you are interested in). If you need to consult the scanning section of manual on the PC registration then please do.

spyware, Apr 9, 7:03pm
When you put the static IP on PC it obviously has to be on router's subnet, preferably outside the DHCP pool, the gateway is set to the routers address and maybe the DNS also. (check current DNS setting using ipconfig /all at shell prompt).

spyware, Apr 9, 7:10pm
Also printer/scanner has to be on same subnet as router. You don't even say if printing works.

spyware, Apr 9, 7:15pm
Netcomm I'm thinking of is on 192,168.20.1/24 out of the box so couldn't possibly have any communication with a printer on

macman26, Apr 9, 10:18pm
OK. Modem from Slingshot and out of the box was
I changed that to
I just found it easier to use the same IP address over the years. After all I'm only running a small home network. Just easier to remember where things are. Also I usually have a spare modem preconfigured and tested so I can just swap if one dies.
The subnet is always set to on each modem and the printer.
Printing works fine. Accessing the printer from the web interface from PC works fine.
Printer for scanning is directed to "\\\mb471"-
; (also tried "\\Willow-pc\mb471")-
which is the shared folder. I have the account set upon the PC for the printer to log into.
And no I am no certified IT network tec. I grew up on networking Mac computers and never had an issue. Then about 8 years ago my powerbook died and "I went to the dark side". and purchased a Toshiba.
I'm typing on this now with sticky and missing keys and now a crack in the screen all to the joys of little children.
I had a play around this morning and I can access the network folder via the lan and wireless from the laptop on the 2 wire modem but not the Netcomm one. I will have a go at sorting that out before I waste any more time worrying about the scanner.
Gotta go and do parenting and husband duties. Hope I gave enough info. Thanks for the replys

macman26, Mar 4, 10:31pm
I realised it was a network share issue with the folder on the PC. I set up sharing again on the PC folder then was able to access it via the laptop. I then set up the printer again using the name and not the IP address.
Well it works.
One of the mysteries of modern technology.
Thanks again

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