Ipad turns on and off?

afroiz, Feb 9, 5:34am
When my brothers Ipad is connected to the charger a image of a charging battery comes up


and then the apple logo comes up and this keeps repeating and the ipad dosnt seem to charge while this happens.

any help?

..pip.., Feb 9, 5:37am

..pip.., Feb 9, 5:38am

nitpnz, Feb 9, 6:14am
is it possible for it's battery to have been inserted back to front?

tillsbury, Feb 10, 12:31am
Dodgy cable, I bet, or not the right charger perhaps? Is it the one the ipad came with?

tillsbury, Aug 30, 4:16pm
It's an ipad, you can't "insert" the battery.

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