I know Yahoo is well named for a crappy site, but

cjdnzl, Apr 20, 11:55am
I am forced to use their mail program in order to view the spam emails that occasionally are not spam, and I know of no other way to view spam emails.
The damned program - if you want to grace this abortion by calling it a program - occasionally misses emails in the inbox. Like tonight, an emailed .pdf file was not shown in the Yahoo listings, and I only found it by chance when I downloaded my emails into Thunderbird which did show this particular email.
Despite reloading, exiting Yahoo and reloading again it would not show this one email. If anybody knows of another way to see my spam emails I would very much like to know about it. Meanwhile the thousand fleas and armpits epithet well applies to these idiots.

wayne416, Apr 20, 12:08pm
Forced to use their program?, i dont understand Yahoo is an email service provider that you can change at any time.

farside03, Apr 20, 9:05pm
No one is forcing you to use Yahoo. If you don't like it, there are many alternatives, Gmail being arguably the most popular. Changing your email address is a simple affair. The hardest part is training people to use your new address. If it's for business, you should consider getting your own domain, ie, yourname@yourbusiness.co.nz. It costs hardly anything.
You can set your old Yahoo account to forward any messages to your new address so nothing gets lost.

king1, Apr 20, 9:31pm
setting thunderbird to use imap should allow viewing all folders on the server

don1751, Apr 21, 2:58am
Interesting to hear the problems people have with Yahoo.
I have been with Yahoo since before they had a .nz site. My yahoo account is ,com,au.
Perhaps the Aussie version is more reliable?

frogg3r, Apr 21, 5:58am
Why are you forced to use Yahoo?

You can sign up for Gmail which I've used for 8 years and never had a problem

cookee_nz, Apr 21, 10:16am
I suspect OP may be with Spark/Telecom who use Yahoo and to view the spam folder you need to log into webmail via Yahoo. Used to be xtramail.co.nz which redirects to Yahoo!

cjdnzl, Apr 21, 12:05pm
Yep, that's right. I do not want to go to another provider, my Spark email address is known by friends and business contacts all over the world, and I do NOT want the hassle of a changed address. So I stay with Spark, but the Yahoo connection is the pits. Thanks for all replies.

crab2, Apr 21, 7:57pm
I did this when I changed from xtra to gmail, put a message with your new email in the away on vacation message so that people you expect emails from will get a message and know they need to change your email to your new email and also saves you having to try and remember who you need to tell. I know risky but it worked for me and my husband when we changed our internet provider

lilyfield, Apr 21, 9:11pm
and if you keep your old email address for say three month during which time you send out constant reminders to anyone who still uses it- the change should sink in to everyone

nzoomed, Apr 21, 9:33pm
Just change your settings to mark emails as spam and then create a message rule in thunderbird to filter out any messages with spam in the subject line and put them in the junk folder, problem solved!

cookee_nz, Apr 21, 11:15pm
Just need to be sure I understand your problem, how do you normally check your emails, do you usually use Thunderbird, or do you usually use Webmail (via the Yahoo website - call it xtramail)?

If I log on to Yahoo webmail with my xtra user account, there is a separate "Spam" folder which is not checked by my Thunderbird Xtra profile.

However I also have a quite separate Yahoo email address from way before Xtra days and I check this also with Thunderbird, but under a different profile to keep the messages separate.

Now here's where it gets interesting. If I log onto my genuine Yahoo account (@yahoo.com) there is also a single 'Spam' folder. But when Thunderbird set up the profile it created it's own "Junk" folder, as well as an additional "Bulk Mail" folder. (If I recall, this is because that profile is imap rather than smtp().

As of just two minutes ago, I have 5 messages waiting in my Yahoo "Spam" folder, but in the Thunderbird profile these actually show up in the "Bulk Mail" folder. Once I have marked any message as actually being "Junk", it would then normally go to my "Junk" folder waiting to be deleted. I have my junk filter set so that anything I mark as junk just gets deleted right away.

If I log on to Yahoo via my Xtra logon, I also have the same "Spam" folder, however anything in there does NOT at present come into Thunderbird in any way, but like you, I have from time to time had 'false positives', ie genuine messages flagged by Xtra as Spam and I only find them when I log into my Yahoo xtramail account.

I've never tried it but it's quite possible that creating a new folder in Thunderbird named "Bulk Mail" may actually synchronise with the "Spam" folder, but your original message indicates that you use the webmail facility more often then you use Thunderbird, unless I mis-understand you.

You said that the pdf message did actually come into Thunderbird so I wonder which folder it came into - was it your Inbox as normal?

In any event, if you mainly use Yahoo via your Xtra logon, then you have no choice but to check the specific Spam folder from time to time to see if anything is there, or if you are expecting something that does not arrive, always look there anyway.

Hope that sort of explains, sorry it's a bit long-winded but I tried to cover everything off in a single posting rather than ongoing shorter replies replies. Hope it helps. :-)

lythande1, Apr 22, 1:46am
So what has that to do with Yahoo? You can login to the server on any ISP or domain email and view spam folders and amend spam settings.

wayne416, Jan 24, 4:04am
Dump Thunderbird and try EMClient.

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