Any win XP users? What version of Java have you?

bit, Feb 9, 7:14am
According to this page
Java is no longer supporting Windows XP, although it says I can probably do the update.

Might be time for me to ditch XP.

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 7:41am
Do the update. It will be 99.9% fine.

king1, Feb 9, 7:45am
i wouldn't panic, they probably just don't want to make the assertion that it is supported ( thus implying secure) on an unsupported and possibly insecure platform.
The fact that you still have XP would suggest you are comfortable with the associated risks.

kevymtnz, Feb 9, 7:47am
6 update 45
i need the old one to make some stuff still work

kevymtnz, Feb 9, 7:49am
P.S the risk is no more dif

black-heart, Feb 9, 8:55am
It's not smart to want the latest software on the oldest OS.

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 10:07am
Yes it is. I have the latest of LibreOffice, Firefox, Panda Free, Malwarebytes, IrfanView and many other programs on an XP computer.

Currently also testing Windows 10 on the latest VirtualBox on XP also.

black-heart, Feb 9, 7:09pm
you also think the universe is less than 6000 years old.

vtecintegra, Feb 9, 7:14pm
You can probably get away with just uninstalling Java now - it has fallen out of favour so less software needs it than back in the old XP days.

mrfxit, Feb 9, 7:22pm
Damn it, made me go looking on my Xp computer.
Not been installed for about 2 years.
Not needed it at all.

mrfxit, Feb 9, 7:24pm
Agreed, not a lot using Java now & considering I still run Xp with (obviously) XP based prg's, nothing has asked for it to be installed.

Dot net . yes
Java . no

csador, Feb 9, 10:28pm
i still need it at work for getting into various consoles, however havent had it on my home pc's for a couple of years, no need

skin1235, Aug 29, 9:02pm
as a diehard XP user i had the misfortune to have a mb die on me, very upsetting, and worse when the new computer ( read not so old as the other second hand) arrived, with fully installed win7 64 bit on it
apprehension soon turn around when I realised by using it for a few days that win7 is very much like XP, only a lot faster
I guess it will depend on your hardware though, but I do suggest that if your mb will handle it you give win7 a try, 64 bit if possible

and just to make it easy win 7 will import just about all your old data via a simple slave via a usb hot port ( $18 on tm ) will run office 2003 and 2007 or all the later ones as well - does need to be installed as per normal microsoft systems, haven't found any program that I used to run on 32 bit xp that won't work on 64 bit win7 -- ( warning, still looking for a pc camera driver to suit 64bit to fit with my older pc cam, newer pc cams are fine though )

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