Wifi advice please

my brother lives in the sleepout and has very little wifi connection when out there. inside it is great. can I get some sort of adapter to fix this issue please

geek_jessie01, Mar 7, 8:33 pm

also are there any on trademe that would be suitable. sorry I have no idea what I am looking for

geek_jessie01, Mar 7, 8:37 pm

something like this - plugs into power point inside the house, one closest to the sleepout preferable. Will need to be configured.


geek_king1, Mar 7, 8:57 pm

thank you I will look into it

geek_jessie01, Mar 7, 9:01 pm

any other advice or suggestions

geek_jessie01, Mar 8, 3:47 pm

I have a couple of houses where most of the tenants use wifi and one person uses the same internet, but via a wired connection. Might work for you at minimal cost.

geek_webworth, Mar 10, 10:53 pm

does your modem / router have a removeable antenna ? if so this works great

failing that long ethernet cables are quite cheap just requires a while to get it going where its needed ( underground is best ) and throu hosing of some kind just for added protection against water and the elements

geek_trade_menow, Jun 1, 4:25 pm

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