Force PC to output to HDMI?

pomtom44, Apr 19, 11:40pm
Hey everyone

I have a HDMI Switch which has both my Xbox and PC going into it. I also have another screen which is only my PC on DVI

When I use my PC I use the dual screen setup and it works fine However when I change my switcher to the xbox I loose connection on the PC HDMI and it resorts to one screen, messing up my layout

I managed to do a temporary fix by putting a converter between the PC and the switcher, so the PC thinks there is a device connected even when its not selected on the switcher

I was wondering if there is a way to force the PC to output to HDMI even when its not connected,

Hope this all makes sense Thanks

wotz_it_2_ya, Apr 20, 12:38am
I had a similar problem with vga output, through a manual, physical switch. Fixed it with a powered switch.

pomtom44, Feb 2, 1:55pm
I dont really want to go out and spend more money though.
HDMI switches arnt the cheapest of things, and the one I have works fine apart from this one glitch.

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