Downloading kindle to android

urbanrefugee54, May 26, 5:24am
I know someone helped me last time I had problems downloading kindle onto android [over a year ago]. I have a new hp8 slate & for the life of me I can't get it downloaded or will it let me . when I'm connected to the amazon site via the android & yes I had to download the amazon app store onto the hp, & when I'm on the kindle for android download - although it says at the bottom that it's available instantly on you connected device. it also tells me that my mobile application does not currently support digital downloads. so I do as it says & add it to the wish list to download it to the computer for purchase [it's free]. but when I go through the actions on the computer - it links back to the app store download & doesn't download the kindle.

I'm going around in circles & if it's only because I've got some books I want to read.

suicidemonkey, May 26, 5:48am
Download the Kindle app on your tablet via the Play Store

urbanrefugee54, May 26, 8:12am
bows to the clever suicidemonkey. I have been going around in circles & been on more than one forum trying to find out how to load the kindle app. & something in front of me was the solution. THANK YOU

suicidemonkey, May 26, 8:16am
No probs :)

Google Play is used to download apps, music, books, movies, etc. Very handy app - worth spending some time having a look through.

urbanrefugee54, Oct 15, 4:13am
this means I can get rid of the amazon app I put on it?

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