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Have any Apple users installed the compatible version of Microsoft office on to your computers? Does it work the same as with a Windows computer and are all the files compatible? Or is there office software with Apple that is compatible in Microsoft. Thinking of buying a new iMac as tired of the unfriendly Microsoft environments but need to know if I type up clump so minutes etc that it will be compatible with Microsoft systems. Could always convert files to PDFs of course.

geek_susan, Aug 10, 10:24 am

Yes Office is available for OSX. It is still missing some advanced features the Windows version has, but if you're asking this question it's unlikely to be a problem.

Home use: Business use:

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 10, 10:33 am

You also have the option of saving the document as a word file when using pages. Also as you say pdf is also an option.

geek_baalamb, Aug 10, 11:43 am

Thanks for the replies. Had a play with one today in the shop and it was a breeze to navigate around. Now to put the money aside :)

geek_susan, Aug 10, 1:38 pm

Office Mac 2011 worked but was a bit of a dog. The new office 2016 is completely different and a significant improvement. But for basic stuff the free pages and numbers will read and write office compatible files.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 10, 11:36 pm

Ive got Office 11 for Mac. Its not quite the same as my work Excel 13 but still fine for everything you need. As said unless you need advanced features then Numbers works just as well and is free + compatible with excel

geek_jon9, Aug 11, 9:44 am

I have Office 2011 on my iMac too. Works fine. You can open your .doc and .docx files with Pages (the native Apple equivalent) and you can export them from Pages as .docx files too. Numbers works well with Excel files. Haven't tried Office 2016. Office Publisher does not appear to have a truly compatibly program on Apple which is a pain, Pages wont open them, you can use the likes of LibreOffice on the Mac but the formatting is all messed up.

geek_mcdaff, Aug 11, 2:25 pm

I had office on my MacBook and it was great. I am now using pages and numbers which come installed (new machine, lost the office registration key and work don't offer the home use program any more which was $10, not so key to buy it for full price). While pages and numbers work fine, I often forget to save them in the right format before sending documents etc and have to go back and do it again so people can open them so I would recommend getting office, especially if you're familiar with it and used to using it.

geek_nadznz, Feb 27, 10:21 am

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