Help! wtf is this?!

mikkaz, Feb 9, 4:14am

Just popped up on my screen. What do I click?

asmawa1, Feb 9, 4:20am
Keep calm and carry on.
Click on nothing of the pop up window.
Shut down the computer. Use control/alt/delete if the pop-up stops the shut down.
Restart in safe mode
Run malwarebytes.

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 4:21am

mikkaz, Feb 9, 4:24am
No not using media hint. I don't think. I'm quite a basic computer user lol hence the freak out.

So is it a hacker, and can they see my files and stuff?

Also I got some kind of virus a few months ago called 'my start search' or something which comes up every time I open the internet. Could it be connected?

asmawa1, Feb 9, 4:27am
I doubt it's a hacker in the pure sense of the word - it's just a virus type piece of baggage you've picked up. Even a simple restart may well fix it but a dose of anti malware (e.g. malwarebytes) is a good cleanup.

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 4:27am
As above, antimalware program from
You can use the pay/trial version. It will just revert to free version in 30 days.

nzoomed, Feb 9, 4:32am
its nothing major, just run malwarebytes and combofix if necessary, lots of malware/spyware quite often will change the proxy server settings to direct traffic through their servers.

king1, Feb 9, 4:55am
iirc I got that message when I installed Falcon Proxy extension for Chrome. But I imagine it could show up for any extension like mediahint, Hola etc. which does change proxy settings. Possibly even if your ISP has global mode, depending on how Chrome detects the change it may use the same error message.

mechnificent, Feb 9, 5:36am
It's only controlling the internet browser. You can close it by clicking the close button a hundred and fifty times, or with alt/ctr/delete, or by closing windows down. then clear your history and run a anti-virus and/or malware app. as suggested.

king1, Sep 1, 10:01am
That would be the popup you get when exiting a dodgy webpage. The one OP has is very different.

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