Help my goggle has gone weird

gumboots70, Apr 12, 8:20am
when I go to google its in another language and I cant understand a thing. how do I fix it?


Jedan ra??un za cijeli Google.

Prijavite se svojim Google ra??unom

Unesite zaporku.
Ostanite prijavljeni

king1, Apr 12, 8:35am
either your link is wrong ie pointing at Google Croatia by the looks of it.

or you have a proxy / dns / global mode function running somewhere making it seem like you are in Croatia?

or your system language /regional settings are incorrect

gumboots70, Apr 12, 8:50am
ok how do I fix it?

mikep, Feb 24, 3:24pm
Try this:

Note the advice about clearing cache and cookies.

However, unweirding your goggle is a completely different matter.

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