Lightbox on M808b TV box?

chito, Jun 19, 5:49am
I can select programs but they don't play. I have plenty of memory, it's running 4.2.2. The wheels goes round and round and never stops.
The App installed OK.
Any solution?
I can play lightbox on my phone and computer OK.

chito, Jun 20, 9:02am
MK808b Anybody?

deb821, Jun 29, 1:45am
Have you tried asking lightbox, or your tv supplier?

richms, Jun 29, 4:25am
DRM stuff. Its probably been shipped rooted and thats stopping the content protection stuff working.

mdread, Jul 9, 3:31am
its might be limited to certain devices, and you would have to edit the product brand and model etc in the buildprop file? just a guess as the skygo app is like that. everyone mainly uses Kodi / xbmc on those android sticks

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