Need a new Modem/Router adsl+ or vdsl or wait

gazzat22, Apr 16, 3:32am
At present have a Thomson TG585 v7 which is showing its age(loses signal regularly) Will have fibre in our street in May .Should i replace the thompson with a VDSL or wait till fibre is available as ive,been told fibre needs a different modem.

r.g.nixon, Apr 16, 3:38am
I'd wait.

lugee, Feb 14, 2:03am
You can replace the modem with a VDSL one, you won't get VDSL though. Getting VDSL requires you to request it with your ISP, the DSLAM configured to give you VDSL, and a technician to wire your house with a master splitter and new jack.

So sure you can put a VDSL modem in now, it will just fall back to ADSL2+ though. Also, not worth getting VDSL installed, May is in 15 days.

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