IPad dropped

We have an iPad2 which is about 1 to 2 years old and was dropped the screen just flashes purple or green then nothing. Asked at a shop to look at it which will cost $25 then if it can be fixed extra money. Just on the off chance does anyone know if dropped damaged iPads can be fixed. would it be worth trying to fix or just another one, thanks

geek_tinytoes100, Mar 10, 9:23 pm

When I was in the business, we would waive that labour charge in exchange for the faulty unit for the parts. (and of course maybe more offered) so it shouldn't cost you anything if you decided not to go ahead with the repair. Suggest you give them another call

geek_brycer, Mar 10, 9:28 pm

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geek_exwesty, Mar 10, 11:01 pm

**I could be completely wrong**. but. dropping it could have just unseated connecters inside the iPad, which would make it do odd things like that. In which case it should not be an expensive fix.

Or could be the screen itself - more expensive. But y'know, an experienced repairer should have some idea about what is likely to cause that sort of behaviour before they open it.

geek_-mung-, Jun 1, 11:05 pm

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