Need upgrading from Jellybean OS to Kitkat

3638, Oct 18, 2:54am
HI there, I have a class lot of Samsung Galaxy Tablets that are operating on Jellybean 4.2.2 OS. I need to upgrade them to Kitkat 4.4 in order to run a programme that we intend to sign up to. They do not automatically update and it doesn't seem possible through 'Kies' as according to Kies 4.2.2 is the only option. Does anybody have any ideas to help. Would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance 'Ever Hopeful Teacher'

wayne416, Oct 18, 4:38am
Its quite technical to update a phone/tablet if manufacturer has not supplied an update. Since your a teacher perhaps a fellow teacher or student could help/ advise. Whats the program as 4.4.2 is still a viable system although getting a bit long in the tooth now.

3638, Oct 18, 5:27am
Hey Wayne, I'm a primary school teacher so most of us are tech phobic haha. Students bit too young but have my 15yr old looking into it. The programme is Mathletics. They were running on 4.2 but updated to 4.4 just before the holidays. Wee bit frustrating haha.
Thanks for your reply, feel free to give me 'technical' instructions, I'm a quick learner :)

suicidemonkey, Oct 18, 5:42am
It's very technical and I wouldn't recommend it unless you know what you're doing as it is possible to do damage to your device.

Instructions depends on your device. Your best bet is to Google for tutorials. Rooting the device is the first step then you'll need to flash the KitKat ROM. It takes a lot of research and time, and from experience I wouldn't recommend it.

nice_lady, Oct 18, 5:45am
you could easily end up with a pile of unrecoverable 'bricks'. That's to say permanently unfixable, broken, unusable devices.

wayne416, Oct 18, 5:49am

nice_lady, Oct 18, 5:50am
the exact model of tablet would be helpful if you want someone to assist you.

wayne416, Oct 18, 6:12am
If you go here then need help at top then tech support, android it says it is optimized for 4.4 but is available for all android devices if i read it right. Try it on one and see how it goes.

3638, Oct 19, 7:49am
Thanks Wayne. My tablets with it downloaded can still run it but won't receive any updates or the like. The few that don't have it one can't run it. We can use the website version but when I try that it says we need to have javascript enabled and it is, so bit confused. Will talk to the techies at Mathletics again. Thank you!

3638, Oct 19, 7:51am
This looks great, will play with it tomorrow. Big day shopping with Miss 8 and my brain is confuddled! I do appreciate your help very much. I'll let you know if I'm successful :)

3638, Oct 19, 7:51am
Very true. SM-T110 :)

_drdee_, Aug 22, 9:56pm
Near impossible to create 'unrecoverable bricks' so don't worry too much. The recovery is a separate partition so even if you stuff up installing the ROM you will always be able to boot back into recovery and start again.
Not many Android ROM flashers here obviously.

With Samsung ROMs you either need to root and install a custom recovery first, then flash the ROM, or just flash a ROM via ODIN (depends on what ROM image is). It may seem daunting but once you have done it once it is actually very easy.

This is the place for all the info:

But it does look like no developers have made a ROM beyond JB unfortunately.

**Note, the link provided above is for a SM-T310, the ROM is NOT compatible with a T110, you HAVE to use a ROM that was designed specifically for the T110 or it will never boot even if it does manage to complete the install (hardware differences between the models).

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