Any web developers here?

torrigreen, May 27, 10:51am
Hi there, we are looking to move our business sites from WordPress to Umbraco and was wondering if anyone here has used Umbraco and how they would rate it, and any other feedback they have. OR if they recommend a different platform.

Our business has over a 100 clients who sites we have built and look after under WP but need to take it to the next level based on our clients' needs and we can't currently do that on WP.

Any responses would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks! :)

jancemord, May 27, 11:28am
Why cant you currently do that on WP

mattnzw, May 27, 12:16pm

Wordpress is also used on some of the biggest websites in the world.

Also never heard of Umbraco, so it may not be that supported.

torrigreen, May 28, 11:40am
Yes, WP is big but having a lot of security issues. Plus the plugins we are using are fine to a point, but then our clients want more than what the plugin can deliver and most plugins can't be customised as they have been coded by someone else of course. It has been great to use for the last few years but as our business evolves in catering for more clients, we need to have a system that can cope with that. Cheers :)

bookstacks, May 29, 10:12am
WP reckons 23% of the world's websites are running on WP. Are you a WP developer or are you relying on bought-in templates and plugins?

torrigreen, Oct 5, 10:01pm
No, I'm not - our company has a WP developer who does our site work for us (sub contracted). We are more sales and marketing orientated so we bring on the clients, and the developer builds and maintains them using plugins and templates of course :)

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