Printer fault not recognising cartridge?

geek_mme, May 16, 12:25 am
My brother printer has developed a fault as above. Is this an easy fix for someone that knows what they are doing?

geek_project_nine, May 16, 12:40 am
Try removing all the cartridges, then unplugging the printer - leave unplugged for a few min then plug the printer back in and reinstall the cartridges.

geek_mme, May 16, 1:01 am
Thanks I did try removing the black cartridge which I had replaced & which is wasn't recognising & unplugging. So I should try removing all the cartridges?

It wasn't the new cartridge as I had 2 more new black ones to try but those weren't seen either.

geek_king1, May 16, 1:18 am
genuine cartridges or not - non genuine cartridges are going to be more likely to have problems

geek_project_nine, May 16, 1:50 am
Yep, all of them.

geek_mme, May 16, 3:53 am
nothing to do with the cartridges thanks

geek_sqidlie, May 16, 4:51 am
Bet they are "after market " ones or refilled

geek_motig, Nov 17, 3:07 pm

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