Incorrect dates and times on emails

rpvr, May 12, 5:13am
What would cause this? My partner sent an email this afternoon, and the recipient replied to say something's wrong, the date and time shown was sometime tomorrow morning. We then sent a few test emails and the time and date was correct when sent, came back from the server with random days/times, the day before of the next day.

iwikiwi, May 12, 5:17am
Maybe because the recipient was in another country? And we have daylight saving; and have put the clocks back an hour because we are going into winter. Just a guess as not enough information in question.

brycer, May 12, 5:26am
We are ahead of most countries. Header date and times will be a different time zone

wayne416, May 12, 5:39am
Right click time lower right of screen- adjust time, check time zone is correct and time.

rpvr, Nov 30, 4:26am
It was set to the incorrect time zone. Many thanks!

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