Spelling Mistakes in Nz Herald Articles.

mr-word, Mar 20, 9:08pm
I've noticed typos in Nz Herald articles from recent events about English celebrities. They need to proof read their articles.

http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=11417568 In one of the first independent accounts to emerge of the fracas Sue Ward, from Leeds, claimed the presenter complained it was "ridiculous there was noting to eat" and that the producer had not done his job properly. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=11420295

Kills has previously revealed how she once ran away to Paris and how when she launched her msuic career in Los Angeles she spent her time sleeping in dodgy $25 a night hotels.

lostdude, Mar 20, 9:21pm
Granted music was spelt incorrectly in the 2nd article but I found nothing wrong with the first?

mr-word, Mar 20, 9:31pm
The Jeremy Clarkson article "noting" is used instead of "nothing".

lostdude, Mar 20, 9:37pm
Ah I see. I read it as "nothing" without even realising lol

eagles9999, Mar 20, 9:37pm
Some time ago this newspaper, along with others, decided that proof readers were an unnecessary expense

asmawa1, Mar 20, 10:00pm
Should it not be NZ Herald articles ?

rz_zone, Mar 20, 11:36pm
The Natalia one might be a copy and paste, as the Dailymail had the exact quote.


lythande1, Mar 20, 11:41pm
Spelling? How about the grammar errors, heaps all the time.

floydbloke, Mar 21, 12:34am
News websites are all about speed to market. Get it out there, doesn't matter if it's riddled with mistakes or full of inaccuracies. Be the first to draw people to the website with the latest headlines and get those advertisement links clicked on.

alston, Mar 21, 1:03am
Even Tv news headline printed on screen was Famalies, I cringed it was so in your face!

-mung-, Mar 21, 3:16am
It's poor, but mainstream NZ media has bigger problems, like their coverage of important events vs celebrity gossip and human interest stories and lack of investigative journalism.

But hey, John Key's son's DJ!

leeran, Mar 21, 12:06pm
Typos are one thing but what about the obvious ignorance of basic English? The difference between bought and brought seems to elude most people including TV announcers & politicians. The incorrect use of to & too, also there & their to name a few.
Poster who said proof readers are not used anymore is correct mores the pity.

puddleduck00, Mar 21, 12:09pm

richard112, Mar 21, 1:39pm
Never mind the spelling, how about the facts! This from the Herald a couple of days ago Trying to ramp up excitement about cyclone Pam. "GREAT BARRIER ISLAND. Wind gusts reach 144km/h. knocking out power to houses."
For those not in the know, incl the scribe. Gt Barrier has NO reticulated power anywhere, before or after Pam.

raf55, Mar 21, 9:11pm
One of the Editors for a Fairfax paper spoke to us last night said the next push is for reporters writing to go direct from their laptops to the paper with no editorial imput
Like Twitter
One of his present problems was making them use spellcheck correctly and then recheck
It is only going to get worse

molly37, Apr 29, 5:01am
An absolute bugbear of mine is the Herald Obituaries. They constantly make errors which can be very distressing to families and friends. They made a dreadful mistake with one we had put in which was not only upsetting but embarrassing.

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