Freeview box from the warehouse, any good?

jenny791, Feb 5, 10:11pm
Hi , does anyone know anything about a cheap Dish TV freeview box from the warehouse. Is it any good and can you use it with the satellite dish?
Any info much appreciated.

christin, Feb 5, 10:20pm
if you got a satellite dish version, should be fine. I know several people with cheap things and they all do the job. Pretty basic but all you need is the picture displayed!

Also would prefer to buy from the warehouse where you know you can return if need be, compared some little cheap Chinese shop one?

ang_ck, Feb 5, 10:46pm
If you use the box for viewing only, go for it.

I had a more expensive one where it comes with a hard disk and I can record two different channels simultaneously and has seven days recording function

ttaotua1, Feb 6, 2:17am
I bought a uhf freeview of tm which the button to turn the box on and off broke but its still works. I occasionally had problems where i lose a few channels then i had rescan to get all the channels back.

crtnz, Feb 6, 2:50am
Dish TV boxes are sold by all the major electrical retailers - they are reasonably good as shown by the fact that all retailers carry the brand.
I agree that you will probably get a better back up service from the warehouse than any other retailer.

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