Is this a scam via Gmail

mariner26, Feb 5, 1:20am
Got an email from account-verification-noreply@g- re "Google Email Verification".
Text is:-
Welcome to Google Accounts. To activate your account and verify your email
address, please click the following link: ***NOTE*** Please print this page for your records. You'll need your verification link if you lose access to your account (for example,
if you forget your username or password).

If you've received this mail in error, it's likely that another user
entered your email address while trying to create an account for a different
email address. If you don't click the verification link, the account won't
be activated.

If you didn't request this email, but you decide to use this account,
or delete it, you'll first need to reset the account password by
entering your email address at
If clicking the link above does not work, copy and paste the URL in a
new browser window instead.

The Google Accounts Team

Note: This email address cannot accept replies. To fix an issue or learn more
about your account, visit our help center:
Silly me - I followed the link and "clicked" Verify Email".
Have since then tried to sign in to my Gmail account using my Gmail address (same as Google Account) but cannot do so.
At the Google Account page the display says I am signed in already with "keep signed in" box ticked. User name on that screen is given as "stuffman".
Have tried to sign off but cannot - on coming back into Google Account for sign in the same signed in page appears.
What should I do?

..pip.., Feb 5, 1:22am
Have you just set up a new Google account?

r.g.nixon, Feb 5, 1:34am
No it's not a scam.

mariner26, Feb 5, 2:27am
How can you (and I) be sure about that Ross?
Our Google Account was set up in early 2012. That was all done because we obtained a Nexus 7 tablet that has since been used for Gmails whilst travelling in NZ and overseas.Think my email account was verified with Google during the Nexus set up process. I have only had a smart phone (android) since Christmas and have never used it for Gmails.
The "stuffman" user name under the (outline only - not actual) Google sign in page has spooked me! I know nothing of that name. And, my user name for google account and gmail activities is quite different and is followed by "".
I cannot now get into my Gmail account via the mailgoogle login page. I cannot remove the "stuffman" user name. So, I have been locked out of my Gmail account - and therefore of access to any Gmails sent to me.
Have a rethink about what you have said.
Again - what can I do?
Is it possible to pick up the phone to Google in Auckland and talk this over with a help person there? Are there premises that I can visit and talk face to face with a "Google person"?
All and any help appreciated.

king1, Feb 5, 2:47am
start here

change password hopefully you have a recovery email/phone number setup

and no they do not talk to people. The last option is a form you can fill in with details about the emails/folders etc to prove you are the owner of the account

king1, Feb 5, 2:56am
download another browser if need be eg chrome /firefox etc . This will allow logging in under a separate user name.

mariner26, Feb 5, 7:36am
No Anne-Marie.
We set up the Google Account when we bought the Nexus tablet back in 2012. We have used the Gmail (side) of the account since then and to this day to send and receive emails when travelling in NZ and overseas.
As I set out - the "stuffman" username at the opening page of Google sign in has me puzzled and has sent me off on a spin such that I think someone is having me on!
At this point I am reluctant to try the recovery option. But, subject to reading some more advices (if they come in) then I shall do that. I kept a written record of all of the input that aws created at the time we set up the tablet and Google Account, including the recovery procedures.
Still - any further help would be welcome.
Tenor of messages has soothed my mind somewhat tho.

mariner26, Sep 6, 8:38am
Seems OK now.
Have followed through recovery process and reviewed all settings and updated as necessary.
Access to Google Account and Gmail now apears all in order.
Thanks for helpful comments etc.

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