'Repeating' Spark Free Wifi Zone signal?

patxyz, Apr 27, 2:40am
If I 'hang' out the window of the flat, I can receive a wifi zone signal. Can I take that signal and re-broadcast it in the flat? What equipment (preferably off TM) would I need to do it? Thanks in advance for any help offered.

mrfxit, Apr 27, 3:01am
More to the point, who's wifi are you attempting to "borrow"

nice_lady, Apr 27, 3:33am
They're referring to the free WiFi output from a spark phonebox.

mrfxit, Apr 27, 3:49am
LOL yea or somebody elses in that block.

Could also be referring to a weak Cell ph signal, flats can sometimes be a bugger like that, (just used wrong name).

mrploppy, Apr 27, 3:52am
Not really feasable. You would have to receive the signal and then rebroadcast on the same frequency band, so the output signal has to be isolated from the input signal. You could perhaps try two routers, one outside receiving the signal and connected by data cable to another router inside but a distance away from the other - the outside one should use a directional aerial to improve the isolation. Is it worth the effort?

patxyz, Apr 27, 4:12am
Thats what I'm trying to figure out mrploppy (is it worth the effort?)
Teen daughter uses all partners mobile data or hides down the laundromat using the library's wifi (not keen on her being there in winter). Home connection not an option either.
Thanks for your input

trade_menow, Apr 27, 5:00am
on a laptop / comp it would be kinda easy ( you'd need x length usb cable and a adaptor - something like 878127366
then wrap it in electrical tape ( to waterproof it ) then hang it out the window to capture the signal but as your wanting to rebroadcast it you'll likely run into problems

mrfxit, Apr 27, 5:48am
Spark ph box wifi is intentionally weak to avoid this very situation.

ross1970, Apr 27, 5:57am
Really? There's a usable signal in my lounge coming from a Spark ph box that is 312meters away.

delmic, Apr 27, 6:01am
so for us dummies. how do I use a spark wi fi signal? do I have to be a spark phone user or will any wi fi device pick it up, and does it have a password to be enabled to work
? thanks

suicidemonkey, Apr 27, 6:05am
You have to be a Spark mobile user.

patxyz, Apr 27, 6:38am
Thinking about it, I dont really need to re-broadcast as partners mobile data cap is plenty for them self and daughter can use a usb dongle and 5-10m cable (10m too long?) to their laptop.

patxyz, Apr 27, 6:38am
Will the above setup work with this scenario? (laptop as repeater so daughter can use her wifi on her phone too?


patxyz, Apr 27, 6:40am
or the non 'free' version, $10 gets 1GB a day for 30 days. Need a NZ or Aus mobile number (TelCo dosent mater)

patxyz, Apr 27, 6:45am
Cant see the phonebox from the flat. 4 bars over 112m (last 15m around a corner)

cookee_nz, Apr 27, 7:17am
Depending on your OS you could try Internet Connection Sharing, it was more for the days of a single-PC modem/router but might work for your scenario, it tended to be a bit buggy but could have improved in later versions, I've not tried it in years
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-nz/windows/set-internet-connection-sharing#1TC=windows-7 - the big problem will be that you are already using Wifi to connect to the hotspot so the easiest workaround might be to share via your Ethernet Cable port, possibly even through a switch but be aware also that speeds would be reduced for all users. Either way it's a bit kludgy but sometimes just the challenge of doing it is half the fun, no matter how impractical it might be

nice_lady, Apr 27, 7:30am
Hubby says for windows to share the connection google 'connectify'

ross1970, Apr 27, 8:11am
Yeah some factual basis for the "intentionally weak signal" comment would be good/interesting.

mrfxit, Apr 27, 9:49am
The concept was for ppl walking near & past a ph box to be able to connect when they didn't have any data on their ph.
I think the quoted range was something like 20M when they were 1st installed a few years ago.
Seems a bit odd that the signal would be that strong but apparently not a problem these days

patxyz, Apr 28, 7:41am
It worked (with my home wifi). USB adapter and 'MyPublicWiFi' to re-broadcast. Next stop, the Wifi zone (crosses fingers)
Thanks folks

trade_menow, Apr 28, 7:59am
patxyz wrote:
It worked (with my home wifi). USB adapter and 'MyPublicWiFi' to re-broadcast. Next stop, the Wifi zone (crosses fingers)
Thanks folks[/quote
glad it worked out for you but remember its not secured so probally not safe for internet banking

babydink, Jan 4, 7:56pm

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