Recommend me a graphics upgrade

designerliving, Feb 12, 6:41am
Recently started doing a bit of video and photo editing and my pc almost came to a standstill. I have just upgraded to 12gb ram but still have low windows experience score. for graphics 4.8 and gaming graphics 5.3. As far as i know my pc doesnt have any external graphics card, what would be a reasonably priced upgrade

vtecintegra, Feb 12, 6:43am
WEI doesn't mean anything just ignore it.

What apps are you having issues with, and what CPU are you currently using?

suicidemonkey, Feb 12, 6:53am
Most video editing programs don't utilise the video card much, if at all. CPU is much more important.

designerliving, Feb 12, 7:04am
Its not so much the individual programme its more the inability to switch between them. I will sometimes have a email client open as well as google chrome and then maybe lightroom as well as corel or photoshop. I often need to imort from one programme to another and it just stalls when trying to flick between programmes and you cant do anything for 2 or 3 minutes and then the same when going back if you try and click on it again it just says the programme is not responding

vtecintegra, Feb 12, 7:07am
Graphics card won't help at all.

What is your current CPU and disk setup?

designerliving, Feb 12, 7:12am
Intel Core i3 540 3.06 GHz, not sure what you mean by disk setup but i have a 500gb hard drive, partitioned into 175 gb for OS plus i have another 1tb drive installed. but they are just standard hard drives nothing flash like a SSD

beserkerang, Feb 12, 7:22am
i3 is your bottleneck, whilst it can do the job, an i5 or i7 would be better. A workstation build would be even better if this is going to be more than a hobby in the future.

schizoid, Feb 12, 7:29am
lucky for you, socket 1156 motherboards have become so rare it has driven down the price of compatible CPU's. You should be able to find a i7, or maybe a quad core i5 for not too much.

vtecintegra, Feb 12, 7:33am
I'd get an SSD first and only look to a faster CPU if that doesn't help significantly.

suicidemonkey, Feb 12, 7:45am
If you want to be running several resource hungry programs at once, you'll need better hardware. At least 16GB RAM, an SSD for the OS to run on, and preferably an Intel i5 or i7 CPU (although the i3 may be fine with an SSD and more RAM).

To be blunt. you're asking a lot from a fairly low-end system.

designerliving, Feb 12, 8:07am
I dont think you can just copy all your programmes over though can you when replacing hard drive or CPU? some programmes i don't have install discs for and don't want to lose all my data

vtecintegra, Feb 12, 8:14am
My Samsung drive came with software to clone the whole disk - so long as the SSD you buy is at least as large as your system drive its easy

suicidemonkey, Feb 12, 8:18am
Yes if you're just upgrading CPU/RAM/SSD, you can clone your HDD to the SSD. Cloning usually only gets messy if you change your motherboard to one with a different chipset.

designerliving, Feb 12, 8:27am
Ok didnt know this i always thought software was essentially keyed against the drive and CPU. whats it typically worth to have this done, labour wise?

vtecintegra, Feb 12, 8:29am
Typically you'd do it yourself - easy enough if you are capable of following a few instructions

designerliving, Feb 12, 8:31am
I probably could, just concerned id lose software or data. what model samsung SSD did you buy to get transfer software with it?

schizoid, Feb 12, 8:50am
upgrading CPU doesn't require any backing up, only changing drive will.

there are free programs for cloning also, I use HDclone.

schizoid, Feb 12, 10:45am
Slight derail. anyone know the difference between 1st gen. clarkdale i3's and i5's? They both have 2 cores, 4 threads, same cache etc.

suicidemonkey, Feb 12, 10:50am
Just looks like the clock speed from what I can see

schizoid, Feb 12, 10:58am
apart from that (obvious) point, I think I found out. Turbo boost. Which is effectively also that, a minor clock speed boost.

Must have been a marketing nightmare at the time. For example, i3 550 vs i5 650. Difference? .26ghz turbo boost. Woohoo!

ross1970, Feb 12, 7:58pm
plus a few other things.,48505

vtecintegra, Aug 19, 5:07am
The same thing basically applies now with ULV i5 and i7 models - you get minor clock speed bumps and 1mb more cache but that's it.

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