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fifie, Mar 7, 1:52am
Anyone know how do i flip written text so i can print it to go on material for my wall hanging. Running windows 8.1 and text is saved in a libre office document. something tells me i might have to change the txt file but cant work out how to do it in this version of windows.

skin1235, Mar 7, 1:56am
copy your text and insert it into an image frame
use the image program to flip it or distort it as you wish

most image programs will handle a txt file, if not able to paste text into an image frame, create the frame and use the txt tool to add the text you want

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 4:27am
Oh, that is flipped, not mirrored. There is a difference.

rz_zone, Mar 7, 5:20am
Got a smartphone/tablet?
Heaps of photo apps that can do this.

fifie, Jun 9, 10:21pm
Thanks all will check these out.

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