Vintage computer gear, (The genuine stuff)

mrfxit, Jun 27, 8:37am
Some pics of whats turned up recently.
Not even had a chance to clean them yet

Looks to be a stack io other gear that goes with the Gould Modicon P180 010 Programming Panel

The box with rows of cards are labeled cpu1, cpu2, cpu3, video, memory (X 3 or 4)

mrfxit, Jun 27, 8:48am
Also, any information on the old computer systems that Trustbank used to have.
Got a fair idea thats where the Gould Modicon P180 Programming Panel was originally located, (judging on what other gear arrived at the same time)

pcmaster, Jun 27, 9:43am

froggyb, Jun 27, 10:38am
Gould Modicon P180 $1000 alone

mrfxit, Jun 27, 9:09pm
I am also finding prices for that in mint condition but these have definitely seen far better days.
Going to be pretty risky powering up any of it.

tmenz, Jun 27, 9:54pm
Looks more like a God Mouldicon to me.

tsjcf, Jul 13, 11:17am
Had something like the P180 for programming 984 PLCs.

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