Recommend me a replacement ADSL Modem with Wifi

jhwjhw, Nov 29, 10:18pm
My D-Link DSl G604T must be all of 10yrs old and I think its time I bought a replacement. Presently, after years of good performance It now wont save its Vodafone settings when restored fmo a power cut.

So, Im looking for a replacement. Recommendations anyone

terry012, Nov 30, 12:06am
Wow the 604 is a gamers dream for speeds up to 20 odd. One of the only ones that allows for ping blockage that actually works. Are you definitely applying settings and then saving? not just entering them and then going online?
Should point out I'm only on adsl too, not vdsl.

jhwjhw, Nov 30, 1:38am
I "Apply" the settings which are then applied to the modem. But, when the modem reboots, as in post power cut, its reverted to the original xtra.adsl settings which dont work for Vodafone.

jhwjhw, Nov 30, 1:42am
Looking at the WAN settings, there is a Apply button with a warning to then Please save and reboot devise to take effect.

Trouble is, there is no Save button anywhere.

spyware, Nov 30, 4:39am
Tools Tab/System Commands/Save All

terry012, May 8, 5:16am
I've tried replicating your problem, but mine just saves as per normal.

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