Artificial Intelligence

Do you think it is possible? Could computers really take over the world if they ever got to intelligent?

geek_kotaan, Mar 20, 4:39 pm


geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 20, 5:19 pm


geek_stevel_knievel, Mar 20, 5:23 pm

From a cognitive science perspective, not likely for a long time. From an engineering perspective, in possibly less time.

From right now, it's very difficult to predict the timescale of advances in technology and therefore the future, but it looks like a long way off. But the things that advance quickly/slowly are never the things that you expect.

You have to define what you mean by AI. You also possibly have to accept a certain view of what human intelligence is.

geek_-mung-, Mar 20, 5:29 pm

One day it will be possible with ultra powerful quantum computers, but thats a way off yet.

geek_nzoomed, Mar 20, 5:39 pm

Memristors offer a good power/processing ratio. Currently HP are using them for the creatively named "The Machine" which I think is a server of some kind. But they allow for lots of parallel processing, storage and computation in the same component. - Much like Neuron.

geek_-mung-, Mar 20, 5:54 pm

It's taken 13.7 billion years for them to get to their present infantile stage. they'll get there.

geek_hakatere1, Mar 21, 4:17 am

No. As above, taken that long for humans to get to their infantile stage. how about real biological intelligence first?

geek_lythande1, Mar 21, 6:51 am

google the Jinn ternary logic processor which is being financed through the NXT asset exchange

geek_nzoomed, Mar 21, 9:21 am

A computer will never be able to think for its self, it will always be reliant on human input

geek_boots0016, May 2, 3:03 pm

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