Payroll- advice please, what is the easiest to

use. . Thanks.

geek_dishwash1, Jun 13, 7:18 am

I would say ACE Payroll is simplest to use

geek_jon9, Jun 13, 9:35 am

MYOB Essentials

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 13, 9:41 am

And do I download these or buy dics? Thanks

geek_dishwash1, Jun 13, 1:00 pm

ACE has a free 30 day trial on its website, ACE is far easier to use than MYOB payroll as Ive used both

geek_jon9, Jun 13, 1:07 pm

ACE Payroll is nice and simple.

geek_leigh66, Jun 13, 1:22 pm

and has big red and green buttons that make you feel like they think you are a moron

geek_wotz_it_2_ya, Jun 13, 5:54 pm

It doesn't get an simpler than stop or go


geek_jon9, Jun 13, 5:56 pm

Ace payroll. We recommend this to all our clients. When I relieve and do payroll for various clients it is just so easy for me to carry on from where the usual payroll person has left off. MYOB is an integrated accounting system and unless you have a very good accounting background I would not recommend it.

geek_joanie04, Jun 13, 6:26 pm

is ACE payroll web based? i.e. can you operate from anywhere?

geek_andrac63, Jun 13, 7:14 pm

I use Ace Payroll. Download trial. Then register and pay by credit card. Very user friendly but takes a little bit to sort things like sending payslips by email. Once sorted ticks over week by week with no hassles. Good phone support as well.

geek_mojo49, Aug 22, 9:53 pm

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